Wir suchen einen Game Designer!


ehem. Community Manager
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"Die Stämme" sucht einen Game Designer. Nachfolgend findet ihr eine Job-Beschreibung sowie die nötigen Voraussetzungen. Bitte beachtet, dass für den Job fliessende Englisch-Kenntnisse nötig sind, weswegen die Stellen-Ausschreibung auch auf Englisch ist.

<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">We're looking for a new colleague to help us develop Tribal Wars!</span></font>

<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">Specifically, we're looking for a <b>Game Designer</b> to design and balance features.</span></font>
<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">InnoGames is a company that develops and publishes online multiplayer games such as Tribal Wars. It was founded in 2007 by the 3 creators of Tribal Wars to allow them to make games full-time.</span></font>
<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">The Tribal Wars team is a small gathering of people with various backgrounds and specialties that works on improving and maintaining the game in all its forms: the browser version, iOS app and Android app. We are based in the InnoGames headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, which is where we'd want you to join us.</span></font>
<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial"><i><b>Please note: </b>this position is for the original Tribal Wars and has no relation to Tribal Wars 2.</i></span></font>
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<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">Have a look below to see if you would be a good fit:</span></font>
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<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial"><b>Your tasks:</b>

<ul><li style="">Responsible Game Designer for Tribal Wars</li><li style="">Drafting new game features</li><li style="">Coming up with game events</li><li style="">Documentation for developers and graphic artists</li><li style="">Balancing game content</li><li style="">Writing game texts</li><li style="">Actively monitor the market and analyze competitors</li></ul>


<ul><li style="">Experience in Game Design</li><li style="">At least 3 months playing knowledge of Tribal Wars</li><li style="">Passion for Tribal Wars</li><li style="">Profound experience in playing browser and mobile games, and knowledge about the games market</li><li style="">Strong knowledge of and demonstrable experience in game design</li><li style="">A good understanding of mathematics, and a distinct ability to think logically</li><li style="">Fluency in English</li><li style="">Strong communication skills</li></ul>


<ul><li style="">Experience in designing mobile games</li><li style="">Years of experience in Game Design</li></ul>

<b>What InnoGames offers:</b>

<ul><li style="">Teamwork and team fit are very important for us. This is why we highly value a working atmosphere with free communication and intercultural exchange</li><li style="">InnoGames is a healthy and steadily growing company with flat hierarchies and new and exciting challenges</li><li style="">We also take good care of professional education and here it is fun as well. We have our Innoday with captivating and imaginative projects, trade fair visits, regular trainings, a flat-rate for reference books plus English and German language classes</li><li style="">If you are new to Hamburg, we will be happy to assist you with the relocation process, e.g. with temporary accommodation and moving from abroad</li><li style="">To have a creative break you will find a roof terrace, a Barista bar, deck-chairs, Kicker and ping pong tables, game machines and consoles, a relaxation room and boxes with ice-cream</li><li style="">In our company gym you can work on your fitness and afterwards take some of our free drinks and fresh fruit.</li></ul>

<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">Check out our <b><a href="http:confused:/corporate.innogames.com/en/history.html" target="_blank">company history</a></b> for more general information about InnoGames and what we do.
<font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">
</span></font><font color="#A34000"><span style="font-family: Arial">If that sounds like fun and you think you've got what it takes, <a href="http:confused:/corporate.innogames.com/en/offer/id/game-designer-tribal-wars-mf.html" target="_blank"><b>apply now</b>!</a></span></font>

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